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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Writer/director Rob Williams Making Gay Murder Mystery

Guest House Films, led by writer/director/producer Rob Williams and producer Rodney Johnson, will soon begin production of a gay murder mystery in Tampa, Florida. Out to Kill will involve gay men in a loft complex. They find a detective to help solve a murder there. Williams has planned a surprise ending, as well as photography that takes advantage of the tropical setting.

Guest House wants to enlist the financial assistance of viewers in making the film. Rewards include a mention in the credits, a DVD, a chance to pitch a screenplay, product placement, and much more, depending on the amount invested. Visit to learn more.

Many filmmakers have turned to Indiegogo and similar sites to connect with their viewers and make low-budget films possible. For example, J.T. Tepnapa used Kickstarter to help fund Judas Kiss and the upcoming thriller The Dark Place. A search of the word “gay” at Indiegogo.Com or Kickstarter.Com reveals several intriguing projects.

Out to Kill will be the seventh film from Guest House. Besides collaborating on their own works, partners Williams and Johnson have also released the documentary The Doctor’s Wife and two short film collections. Click the following links to read my reviews of three movies they made.

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