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Sunday, February 03, 2019

Who is your favorite character from my books?

Author Duane Simolke

Did you relate to the character, or just find the character entertaining in some way? Which would you like to see again? Please post your answer(s) on twitter and include the tag @DuaneSimolke. Visit my twitter profile.

Saturday, January 05, 2019

BookBlogger reviews fantasy adventure with strong female lead: "YA fantasy needs more heroines like her."

At the book blog Kayla's Reads and Reviews, Kayla Eklund reviews The Return of Innocence: A Fantasy Adventure. An excerpt follows.

"I loved Sasha. She was a fierce woman who took no crap from anyone and knew what she wanted. She wouldn't let anyone stop her, or get in her way. I think YA fantasy needs more heroines like her."

Read more.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

New Gay eBook Delayed

I’m delaying release of the gay romance Now That We’re Grown until late 2019 so I can write additional scenes. I’ll enjoy spending more time with these characters!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Now That We’re Grown: A Gay Romance Short Story

Gavin Hernandez and Peter Montoya meet before high school. Gavin admires how Peter never complains about being gay or using a wheelchair. During their senior year, Gavin takes profile pictures of Peter in that chair, but the gesture of good will leads to online bullying and a painful final stretch of school. Best friends slowly drift apart.

After college, they reunite in Dallas as more than friends. Gavin now designs facilities for people with physical challenges. Peter looks for a job to match his business administration degree. The past might destroy their relationship, or their love might change their lives.

MM romance/gay romance. Contains bullying, threats, mild violence, and sexual references.

This gay romance short story will be available as an eBook in late 2019.

Keywords: Gay love, gay romance, MM, gay couples, LGBTQ, Latino, Hispanic, disability, living with disabilities, queer disabled, disabled gay, disabled representation, wheelchair, diversity, bullying, cyberbullying, short stories, fiction, eBooks.

Smashwords ISBN: 9780463769065.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Free Read: Humor in a Small Town

Read about Fat Diary and other free or discounted eBooks at My Book Place.


In this free comedy eBook, a West Texas librarian makes fun of herself and the other people in her town, while writing about her reasons for wanting to lose weight.

Pamela Mae Willard must learn to love herself. Still, she can’t resist laughing about her problems, and about the adventures of the colorful characters in Acorn, Texas.

This irreverent, politically incorrect tale reveals a woman finding joy in life, no matter what happens to her and no matter who mistreats her.

This short story also appears in The Acorn Gathering. Some of its characters also appear in The Acorn Stories.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Read about Queer Books at Digital Book Girl

Tag Archives: "LGBTQ+ Featured lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender books in both fiction and non-fiction genres!" The Lady Chablis Quiz Book; The Covert Captain: Or, A Marriage of Equals; All Kinds of Tied Down; and more books. Read about them at the Digital Book Girl blog.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Looking back at queer collection Holding Me Together

My BookPlace.Net Featured Post: Holding Me Together.

, StoneWall Society Pride in the Arts Award. This anthology of essays and poems explores many social issues, while celebrating friendship, love, gay pride, and writing. This collection, quoted by many authors and Web masters, includes the multi-part essay “Reactions to Homophobia,” followed by poems and short essays on a variety of topics, such as writing, AIDS, religion, violence, family, friendship, and gay relationships.

Dann Hazel used “Reactions to Homophobia” as one of the resources for his book Witness: Gay and Lesbian Clergy Report from the Front. The Queensland Government’s Community Benefit Fund and PFLAG Brisbane used the same essay as a resource for the booklet Assisting Those Who Come Into Regular Contact with Lesbian and Gay Youth.

In a review appearing both at and in EXP Magazine, SouthWest Edition, critic Shawn Revelle called the revised, second edition of Holding Me Together “an inspiring and timely collection of works.” Revelle went on to share details about the book, which he also referred to as “a worthwhile and life-affirming read.”

“In his exploration of what it is to be gay, Simolke manages to touch on a more fundamental truth: what it is to be human.” –Watchword.

“If I had a magic wand, I would put this book in the hands of all our gay or questioning youth.” –author, painter, dancer Copernicus again.

“Duane Simolke’s voice is gentle, reasoned, assured, but will leave you gasping for breath.” –author Ronald L. Donaghe.