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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Queer As Folk Final Season, Six Feet Under, Reactions to Homophobia, Scissor Sisters.

Preview the fifth and final season of Queer As Folk. (You’ll need to click on “QAF Is Back!” to see the teaser.) The final season starts in May 2005 on Showtime. Six Feet Under’s final season premieres on HBO, June 13.

Please also visit my newly updated Reactions to Homophobia page.

We Are Scissor Sisters…and So Are You
DVD reviewed by Duane Simolke

Despite the fact that their debut album provides their entire play list, Scissor Sisters manage to deliver a DVD collection that includes a full-length concert, several music videos, a documentary, and much more! This DVD reportedly includes some Easter eggs as well, for those with the patience or equipment to find that sort of thing.

The picture quality during the concert falters at times, but the sound quality is perfect, and that really matters the most in this case. Fans of this theatrical dance band will enjoy seeing how they interpret these already familiar songs on stage. Keep in mind that singer Jake Shears previously worked as a go-go dancer; or just think of Queen’s Freddy Mercury with just as much peacock attitude but even more energy! All of the members bring their unique personalities to the show and the music. The ending number goes so far over the top that it seems like the Muppets crashing a live performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

The music videos capture the humor and energy of the band in other ways, allowing them to play with costumes, low-budget special effects, and silly plot lines. The documentary goes a long way in explaining the bizarre antics but immediate magnetism of this hot new band.