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Monday, December 19, 2005

Heights DVD review for This Week In Texas. Review written by Duane Simolke, author of Holding me Together: Essays and Poems -- Second Edition.

A day in the life of New Yorkers reveals constant surprises in what they learn about themselves and each other. Their lives, seemingly unrelated at first, intersect throughout the movie in ways that neither the characters nor the audience can fully predict.

Heights features a talented and familiar cast, including Glenn Close, Isabella Rossellini, James Marsden, and Jesse Bradford. Directed by Chris Terrio, it also features hidden emotions, agendas, and needs in a deeply human and moving way.

From the obvious fact that at least one of the male characters is gay to the less obvious secrets the twenty-four hours still hold, Heights keeps viewers glued with strong performances, believable emotions, and an obvious love for New York City and its citizens.

Despite the beautiful photography and the many plot twists, Heights relies on realistic dialogue and skillful acting more than anything else. It delivers in those ways and more. Amy Fox adapted the script from her play, and will, hopefully, continue to bring such engaging characters to stage and screen.