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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

eBooks Charting, 3/19/08

In Amazon Kindle’s Gay Fiction Chart, and its Genre Anthology Chart, The Acorn Stories: Kindle Edition is currently #1! It’s also the #2 book for gay short stories in general, not just Kindle eBooks. Brokeback Mountain is passing it up there as #1.

Acorn isn’t one of my scifi/fantasy books, but the eBook of Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure has also been charting recently. Sf/f/h in the Kindle Gay Fiction Top 10 follows:
Without Reservations (by J. L. Langley), #4.
Eternal Darkness (by Rob Knight), #5.
Vintage: A Ghost Story (by Steve Berman), #6.
Falling, #7.
IM (by Rick R. Reed), #9.

(Amazon’s charts update hourly.)