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Sunday, November 11, 2012

This month, the Goodreads group Readers Against Prejudice and Racism is hosting online discussions of Ronald L. Donaghe’s gay-themed novel Common Sons, Elie Wiesel’s Holocaust-themed book Night, Shirley Sterling’s Native American-themed book My Name Is Seepeetza, and Dr. Seuss’s war-themed picture book The Butter Battle Book.

Readers Against Prejudice and Racism describes itself as follows.

“Hello everyone! This is a group dedicated to people who want to see a more peaceful world and who enjoy learning about other cultures with respect and gratitude. Feel free to join this group if you believe in peace and harmony.

“The goal of this group is to understand about the dangers of prejudice and racism around the world and hatred can come in many different forms. Anyone who believes that prejudice against homosexuality, different cultures, different races, people with disabilities, or anyone who are different from society is wrong, are free to join this club to discuss about how we can prevent racism and prejudice from spreading across the world.”