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Monday, April 02, 2018

Book blogger Leonard Tillerman gives "5 Small Town Stars" to The Acorn Stories, offers more suggestions for readers and writers

At his book blog, author and book reviewer Leonard Tillerman has posted a review of The Acorn Stories. In it, he discusses the focus on emotions:

"This ability to capture the raw emotions of his readers is an ingenious tool used by Duane Simolke. He is able to achieve it through beautiful writing and compelling character development."

The review also goes in depth about many other aspects of The Acorn Stories, but without any spoilers. Please have a look at the review and also look around some more while you're there.

Besides a constantly updated list of book reviews, Leonard's blog also includes his tips on book marketing, blog writing, and many other related topics. He actively updates and promotes the blog, to ensure visibility for himself and the other writers he covers.

LEONARD TILLERMAN: Author, Book Blogger, Book Reviewer