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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Thom Allison Hints at Pree Suprises During the Final Season of Killjoys

After Thom Allison retweeted a message that we'll soon get a season premiere date for the science fiction series Killjoys, I tweeted "More Pree, please." Thom retweeted me with an interesting reply: "Our fans are going to get a Pree they didn’t see coming!!!!" Thom plays a complex character. Like many of the cast members, Pree has changed a lot over the years. We first meet him as a bartender: tough, gay, and hilarious. We later learn he's a warrior with an enigmatic past.

I'll post the season five premiere date when I see one. Killjoys runs on Space and SyFy. Also look for it on DVD or Netflix.