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Monday, December 21, 2020

Comedy/Drama Trailer on TV

A trailer for The Acorn Stories will begin appearing on television soon, starting with the following morning programs in Texas and California, January 4-8, 2021.

El Paso Watch on FOX 14 / El Paso.

ABC 7 Daybreak / Amarillo.

News Channel 6 This Morning / Wichita Falls / Lawton.

News Channel 3 in the Morning / Palm Springs.

From romantic comedy to razor-sharp satire to moments of quiet reflection, The Acorn Stories transform a fictional West Texas town into a tapestry of human experiences. “A lush tangle of small-town life branches out in this engrossing collection of short stories.” –Kirkus Reviews. “The ability to depict such a wide cross section of humanity, including details of each character’s breadth of knowledge and experience, takes a talented, insightful author, and Duane Simolke is such a writer.” –E. Conley, Betty’s Books.