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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Featured Free Writer Resource: SelfPublist.Com

Self-Publist.Com provides free book promotion and book services promotion. A bot also randomly generates tweets about the books at the Self-Publist Twitter account. Details about how to submit your book or service information appear at the site, along with forums and more.

The landing page says, “Welcome to SelfPubList, a resource where you can list your self-published books for free! For those of you that offer services for authors, there’s plenty for you here too. Create a profile, list your services and contact details and engage with the writing community.”

Adam Matlow created the site. He’s also a beta reader and the author of the science fiction novels Fractured and Dark Sentinel.

Please also visit my SelfPublist.Com profile. Thanks for stopping by DuaneSimolke.Com!