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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Book review: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About POD Publishing But Didn't Know Who To Ask by John F. Harnish

Finally, a resource book for print book writers that doesn’t assume they use a traditional print book publisher! With all of my books published POD (print-on-demand), I often find expert advice of “how it’s done in the business” worthless. The rules for traditional publishing differ from those for POD publishing. Both offer unique limitations and unique freedoms. John F. Harnish explains all of that, and proves how POD actually offers more than traditional publishing on many levels.

Anyone considering using a POD publisher needs to read this book first, then read back through sections of it during and after the submission and publication process. Any writer, or any publicist, already involved with POD in any way should read this book now. Harnish gives all of the ins and outs of the POD industry, both as an employee of Infinity Publishing and as a POD author.

I can’t say that I agree with all of Harnish’s views on POD books or POD authors, but I can’t say that I agree with all of anyone’s views on anything. However, Harnish makes a bold and unusual step that further enriches an already valuable book: he brings in the views and experiences from dozens of other POD authors, in their own words. As I read those words, I kept making observations like “Yes, I know what you mean,” or “I wish I would have thought of those points before wasting that time or money.” The whole book seems like an incredibly helpful writer conference, one where everyone leaves feeling more informed and empowered.