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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

KC & the Sunshine Band

My next blog entry will be number 100! Please read that! Meanwhile, I want to share some news, then tell you about a somewhat overlooked CD by one of my favorite groups. has posted extended reviews of The Acorn Gathering: Writers Uniting Against Cancer and my science fiction novel Degranon. Click those links to read about the books and their themes, as well as more information about my writing.

CD Review: Oh Yeah! by KC & the Sunshine Band. Also available at

My responses, one song at a time.

"Megamix." This eight-minute medley combines some of KCSB's most popular songs. It uses a new recording that flows together, instead of splicing together clips from separate recordings.

"Somebody Somewhere." Backup singer Maria De Crescenzo steps up to sing this beautiful ballad with KC. Besides the great vocal match, the lyrics will inspire and comfort listeners. This song would make a great dedication!

"Will You Love Me In The Morning." KC forgets to breathe in his rapid delivery of impassioned lyrics.

"Hold Me Tight." This dance song would fit perfectly into a collection of club mixes, except that it's already mixed just right!

"Give It Up." A new version of their 80s hit. I don't like it quite as much as the original, but it comes close enough as an alternate version.

"Please Don't Go." A scaled-down live version, with just KC and a piano. KC adds an extra love note in the bridge.

"Coast To Coast." Funky and distinctly 90s dance music, but also distinctly Sunshine Band.

"I Can't Forget." Another ballad that would make a great dedication. It reflects an enduring relationship, not unlike the one between KC and his fans.

"Gonna Let It Go." This uptempo ballad deals positively with moving on after a failed relationship.

"Don't Stop." A surprisingly danceable remake of the Fleetwood Mac classic. The optimistic message makes it an obvious song for KCSB to record.

"Turn The Music Up." Basic KCSB, spotlighting a jazzy sound with heavy percussion. I would have started the CD with this song (with the medley second), because it's signature KCSB, and because of the title.

"Desire." Though upbeat and danceable, this track sounds unlike any of the others, often letting the sexy backup vocals take over.

"High Above The Clouds." Another major departure for the band, this techopop number provides a lovely ending for an enjoyable collection.