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Tuesday, February 04, 2003


My book Holding Me Together features some of my most popular essays and poems. I don’t write poetry anymore, but here are three of my favorites from Holding Me Together.

This poem deals bluntly with unprotected sex among gay men. It might offend some people, which wasn't my intention. It might scare some people, which was my intention. Bareback.

Though it captures universal themes of romantic love, this one is actually about the love of a gay male couple. The title “Holding Me Together” comes from lines in this poem. Home.

Should we all be the same? Wouldn't it make life better if everyone learned to blend, to fit in, to conform? Would you like that? Rainbow.

Joseph Wright (aka Mountman) posted an usual presentation of Rainbow on his site, using internet software. Visit Mountman’s Techno Pages to see that, as well as other works he posted.