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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Book Review: Stealing Some Time, Book III: Journey’s End by Mark Kendrick.

Mark Kendrick brings his Stealing Some Time trilogy to an exciting and romantic conclusion with Book III: Journey’s End. Fortunately, Kendrick plans to write more gay science fiction novels.

With Book I, we met Kallen Deshara, a young hero in a dark, homophobic future. With Book II, Kallen’s time-traveling mission into the past brought him together with Aaric Utzman, a handsome young man who quickly stole his heart.

Book III winds up the trilogy with an even deeper romance between Kallen and Aaric, and with much more adventure. Mark Kendrick explores the possibilities of time travel, while also exploring the possibilities of gay love. Even though Chapter 24 of this book resolves the conflicts, Kendrick adds a touching Epilogue that will give readers an even greater sense of closure and satisfaction.