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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

More about StarGate SG-1

In February, I wrote here that I love the TV series Stargate SG-1, but not quite as much as Babylon 5 or Star Trek: The Next Generation. After seeing the first few episodes of SG-1’s seventh season, I really think it’s now as good as those science fiction classics!

Scifi fans who didn’t like SG-1 in the past might give it another try. Current season episodes air Friday nights, on the SciFi Channel. Earlier episodes air Monday nights on SciFi, as well as various times and channels in syndication.

It’s rare for a show to keep getting better over time, but this one accomplishes that rare feat, year after year! SciFi has already ordered an eighth season, which will put it behind only the X-Files as the longest-running science fiction series ever! Plans are already underway for an SG-1 movie, and for an SG-1 spin-off series.

If you like StarGate SG-1, you might also enjoy my science fiction novel Degranon; it involves doorways through space and time and how those doorways cause various lives to intersect in dangerous ways!