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Thursday, May 29, 2008


This week, Charlie Jade and gay films.

Charlie Jade, a Canadian and South African co-production, will become part of the SciFi Channel’s SciFi Friday line-up on June 6. From what I’ve read, this popular series is a gritty murder mystery that crosses dimensions. View the Charlie Jade trailer at YouTube.

My review of the DVD Not | Gay will appear soon at the gay site ThisWeekInTexas.Com.

Frameline Films released that short film collection, distributed by Strand Releasing Home Video. Besides bringing gay films to viewers at home, Frameline also organizes an annual film festival. Frameline32: San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival will run June 19-29, 2008. Besides screening various gay classics, the festival will also introduce audiences to many new films. This year’s program includes the following, and much more.

In Breakfast With Scot, two uptight gay man adopt a flamboyant boy. In Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild, characters from the outrageous comedy Another Gay Movie decide on a new contest. The documentary Be Like Others introduces viewers to the transsexual community in Iran, while Call Me Troy reintroduces us to Metropolitan Community Church founder Troy Perry. Tilda Swinton stars in and produced Derek, a doc about filmmaker Derek Jarman. The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror spoofs horror movies and the ex-gay movement. The short film Just Me? involves a young lesbian’s discovery that that she might not be the only pink sheep of the family.