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Friday, December 13, 2002

Collector’s Edition by KC & the Sunshine Band.

CD review: Collector’s Edition by KC & the Sunshine Band.

I give this CD five stars out of five. Still, I have a few complaints. (1) Though I haven't actually counted, it seems that half the songs from KCSB have at least one of these words in the title: boogie, party, go, do, don't, body, it. Examples: Do It, Do Me, I Like To Do It, Keep It Comin' Love, That's The Way I Like It, Please Don't Go, Don't Stop, Don't Let Go, Don't Run, etc. Those songs aren't all on this collection, but you get the idea. (2) Four of the 24 songs on this collection are a bit bland. (3) Like most two-CD sets, the packaging is shoddy, and I'm afraid I'll break the CD's whenever I take them out of the jewel case.

So why five stars? Despite the above gripes, this collection rocks, thumps, wakes, and shakes! So, okay, KC, keep doing it, and your fans will keep partying! Please don't go!

I had heard and loved KCSB's recording of "Thank You," without ever realizing it was them. So, there is obviously a lot of musical variety here. KC has a great vocal range, and this collection truly showcases that range.

By the way, this anthology is also available with just the first CD, but the two-CD set is just a few dollars higher. Pay the few dollars extra. The second one has some great tracks that I had never heard!