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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Book review: Stealing Some Time, Books I and II by Mark Kendrick

The action of this romantic science fiction thriller takes place in two different centuries: the 25th century, plagued by homophobia and unquestioned propaganda, and the 19th century, a time of discovery and superstition.

After Technical Sergeant Kallen Deshara keeps finding gay sexual partners in a military that supposedly has no gays, he finally falls in love. Unfortunately, he does so during a mission that takes him into the past. The object of his affection had also been seeking a life-long, romantic bond with another man.

Kendrick keeps the scientific explanations in the narrative short but believable, focusing instead on intrigue, character development, and relationships. The pace never slows, and the book’s time travel premise sneaks shockingly but somehow naturally into the already complex lives of the characters. Yes, it seems impossible in terms of what they know, but they were already starting to learn that much of what they supposedly “knew” isn’t reality at all.

Appearing together in a single volume, Books I and II of the Stealing Some Time trilogy will take readers out of reality as well. I look forward to reading Book III to see how it all turns out!