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Monday, June 16, 2003

StoneWall Society

The following is from StoneWall Society, a resource for promoting Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered expression in the arts. I donated three signed copies of my science fiction novel Degranon for the auction.

StoneWall Society GLBT Online Pride Celebration 6-15-03 through 7-15-03

Opens with the auction to benefit "THIS WAY OUT". Sponsored by Alternabid and StoneWall Society our goal is to raise funds to assist in keeping this valuable GLBT resource alive and on air. New items will be added daily all through the month of June 2003. If you would like to donate funds directly to "THIS WAY OUT" please visit their website at: To donate items for the auction contact or visit the website at
Many thanks to Alternabid!!!!

SWS Pride In The Arts Music Awards

Meet the Nominees!!!

Literary Award Nominees will be announced Tuesday 6-17-03 and
Visual Art Nominees will be announced Thursday 6-19-03
New sections opening daily for the Pride Celebration!!!!

Watch for the opening of StoneWall Society Network During Our Pride Celebration!!!!!
A new means of bringing our community and the world closer....

Pride feedback due in August. If you have not completed this year's survey to improve the Pride event experience, do it here.

Congratulations to OutMusic and all OutMusic Nominees and Recipients.
See the 2003 Recipients!