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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Lesbian Mothers.

The following press release is from an old friend that I met at Belmont University.


# # #

Dunham Media Group,, has been commissioned by Star of Hope Outreach Ministries International to produce a video that will continue the story of Sandra Schuster and Madeleine Issacson. The women were the first, openly lesbian, mothers to win custody of their six children, from the Supreme Court of the State of Washington.

Their story was originally produced for video in the early-1970’s, and the video was used in their 10-year court case as evidence of a successful family. Since then, over the past 30 years, the video has been incorporated into college curriculum on campuses nationwide to generate open discussion of several aspects of society, from lesbian relationships and legal aspects of family court, to sociological and psychological studies and spiritual lifestyles.

The project’s goal is to not only continue the story of where the couple and their children are today, but also to reach out to other Gay and Lesbian people to encourage and support them in their efforts to become stable members of society. “The Gay and Lesbian people are portrayed in such a negative light in the mainstream media”, says Sandra Schuster, Star of Hope Founder and subject of the original film. “It is the perfect time for the Gay and Lesbian people with moral character to join together and notify the world that we are here, that we can live positive, upstanding lifestyles, and can even be a vocal presence in a Christian ministry. It is possible to be a Christian, a Gay or Lesbian person, and a positive, contributing member of American society. There is hope for our community.”

The project is slated for launch in August 2003, and is expected to reach Gay and Lesbian People around the country. The original focus of distribution will be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area through video sales, TV distribution to public access and local independent channels, and special screenings. Distribution is expected to grow to include distribution to major markets nationwide.

Lori Dunham, owner of Dunham Media Group and the project’s director, is continuing to accept applications from media-minded individuals looking for an internship opportunity that will provide them with industry experience. Many internship positions are still available to junior or senior level college students enrolled in Communications studies, or to recent graduates in the Radio/TV/Film, Communications, Journalism, Advertising/Marketing or Public Relations programs.

For more information, please contact Lori Dunham at