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Monday, August 22, 2005

Holding Me Together

Revised version of award-winning gay book!

Table of Contents

Part One: Reactions to Homophobia, An Essay.

"Unlike gay people, I don't tell people what my wife and I do in bed."
"They can be gay, as long as they hide it."
"If a normal guy or a white guy gets beat up, hate crimes laws can't help him. That isn't fair."
“I’m not queer, so why I should care about those people?”
"We shouldn't have to see gays when we watch TV or movies."
"I would accept gays, but I believe in family values."
"Family members spending time with their gay relatives would suggest that they endorse that lifestyle."
"They live that gay lifestyle."
"It's an insult to African Americans to compare being gay to being black."
"The parts don't fit."
"If we weren't so tolerant of gays, there wouldn't be any."
"I wouldn't mind gays if it weren't for them checking me out."
"Having gay parents makes children gay."
"Gay people should try to be cured."
"Homosexuality is a mental illness."
"If everyone were gay, we'd stop having children, and die out."
"You deserve what happens to you, because you choose to be gay."
"Accepting homosexuality destroyed empires like Greece and Rome, and even led to the Holocaust."
"They recruit.”
"They just haven't met the right person of the opposite sex yet."
"Gays can't adopt, because their children will get teased, and that isn't fair."
"God sent AIDS to the homosexuals because He loves His children and wants to turn them back to Him."
"God didn't create Adam and Steve."
"The Bible says it's wrong."
"The Bible says God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of gays."
"I love the sinner, hate the sin."
"Anyone who condones homosexuality can’t be religious or moral."
"We can't allow gay marriages, because tradition protected heterosexual marriage and reproduction for thousands of years."
“Public schools need to quit hiring gays and quit promoting homosexuality.”
"Gays can't serve in the military, because that would disrupt efficiency."
"Surveys prove gays are a much smaller number than they claim, that their average lifespan is 44 years, and that they have 5000-15,000 partners per year.”
"Homosexuals are just a bunch of men dressing up like women."
Reactions to Homophobia: Conclusion
Resources for Reactions to Homophobia

Part Two: Poems and Short Essays
Chasing Seagulls
How "Children in the Streets" Wrote Itself
Children in the Streets
Children in the Streets (Song Version)
Friday Afternoon Spectrum
Can God Cure You?
Digging Up “The Gardener”
The Gardener
second year
Angels and Razors
Faces, Parts I-VII
Songs In Sign Language
Sock Poem
Higher Education
TV Senyru
Not Worth Dying Over
Siblings, Ten Voices
Homeless, I: Cities Don't Build People
Homeless, II: Also
Ex-Gay? Part I: Cocoon
Ex-Gay? Part II: The Ex-Me Movement
Ex-Gay? Part III: Who Does God Hate?
Spiral Staircase
The Escape Artist
The Same Lips
The Loss
Adding to the Hurt
Out Of the Closet
The John Doe Family
Family Reunion
A Great American Voice
Anne Bradstreet
Two Rapes
If: A Satire
The Bible and Gays
Tonight’s Wind
Elephant On An Opera Stage
More About the Author and His Works