Saturday, July 22, 2006

Like gay movies? On September 19, 2006, Wolfe Releasing is releasing Fabulous! The Story Of Queer Cinema. That DVD will include interviews with Ang Lee, Christine Vachon, Wilson Cruz, Guinevere Turner, Gus Van Sant, John Waters, B. Ruby Rich, John Cameron Mitchell, Jenni Olson, and many others.

According to a press release from Wolfe, “Produced for the Independent Film Channel and featured at the year’s top film festivals, FABULOUS! picks up where THE CELLULOID CLOSET left off and explores the emergence of gay and lesbian films from the beginning of the gay rights movement in the 1960s to the ‘New Queer Cinema’ of the 90s, the proliferation and influence of gay and lesbian films festivals, the discovery by the film business of the gay market, and the explosion of gay images in the mainstream media.”

Visit Wolfe Releasing for more details, and please read my gay movie reviews at TWIT.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

In a review of The Return of Innocence: A Fantasy Adventure at, Bob Medak suggests the book “For lovers of fantasy and just a good book to read.”