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Monday, March 31, 2008

Ex-Ex-Gays Web Site

Truth Wins Out is a newly launched multi-media web site that exposes the ex-gay movement and its backers. It includes blogs, news, personal stories, videos, and a variety of other resources. While they try to sound harmless and helpful, ex-gay groups actually tear apart families and teach people to hate themselves. Please visit the site.

My book Holding Me Together often focuses on the ex-gay movement. A supposedly ex-gay character appears in The Acorn Stories and The Acorn Gathering.
Scifi, Fantasy, and Mainstream Fiction, Book News

For a limited time (at this writing), paperback editions of The Return of Innocence: A Fantasy Adventure, The Acorn Stories, and The Acorn Gathering: Writers Uniting Against Cancer are available at special low prices, along with the hardcover edition of Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure: Kindle Edition.

Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure: Kindle Edition is currently charting as follows in Kindle:

#4 in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Gay & Lesbian

#13 in Kindle Store > Books > Science Fiction > Adventure

#32 in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Action & Adventure

Kindle charts update hourly.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New or Upcoming Gay DVDs.

The twentieth anniversary of Tongues Untied finally brings the controversial film to DVD, with updated bonus material. Marlon T. Riggs captures performances of poetry and music to explore the lives of black gay men. Read my DVD review at ThisWeekInTexas.Com.

Watch for my review of NOT | GAY.

More upcoming gay DVDs: Shelter, The DL Chronicles: The Complete First Season, Dante's Cove: The Complete Third Season, In the Blood, Back Soon, You Belong to Me.

Duane Simolke, author of Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

eBooks Charting, 3/19/08

In Amazon Kindle’s Gay Fiction Chart, and its Genre Anthology Chart, The Acorn Stories: Kindle Edition is currently #1! It’s also the #2 book for gay short stories in general, not just Kindle eBooks. Brokeback Mountain is passing it up there as #1.

Acorn isn’t one of my scifi/fantasy books, but the eBook of Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure has also been charting recently. Sf/f/h in the Kindle Gay Fiction Top 10 follows:
Without Reservations (by J. L. Langley), #4.
Eternal Darkness (by Rob Knight), #5.
Vintage: A Ghost Story (by Steve Berman), #6.
Falling, #7.
IM (by Rick R. Reed), #9.

(Amazon’s charts update hourly.)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Amazon Kindle E-Books: SF/H in Gay Fiction Top 5 on 3/9/08.

Toby Johnson’s gay scifi novel Secret Matter is currently #1 and my book Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure is currently #2, in Amazon Kindle’s Gay Fiction chart. The werewolf novel Without Reservations (by J. L. Langley) is currently #5.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I originally mentioned the premiere of New Amsterdam repeating tonight. Actually, it's a new episode, Golden Boy! I enjoyed the premiere, and look forward to getting to know the main characters better.

From SciFi Wire: Amsterdam Has Strong Debut. That article includes sad news about ratings for Jericho.

Also from SciFi Wire: Amsterdam Lives to Die.

Duane Simolke, author of Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Heartbroken? Involved with someone who only calls you when no one else is available? Feeling kicked around like a scifi series on the Fox network? John Amsterdam knows how you feel.

The delayed, delayed, probably shelved, and now heavily promoted scifi series New Amsterdam premieres on Fox tonight, repeating Thursday night, and then moving to Monday night. The main character (played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) looks good for a four-hundred-year-old cop, and seems to have acquired a clever sense of humor during his extended tenure.

Knowing how Fox treats scifi, they might keep moving this show around, and then cancel it quicker than you can say “Firefly,” but they’re short on scripted programming, so it might stand a chance. It looks interesting; visit the New Amsterdam site for photos and video clips.

And speaking of cancelled scifi series, resurrected fan favorite Jericho runs right after New Amsterdam tonight, over on CBS.

Duane Simolke, author of Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure.