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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Gay Cowboy Vampire Highlander

Read my #FlashFiction spoof of genre conventions, Gay Cowboy Vampire Highlander, @WhoWritesShorts. #GayRomance #MMRomance #GayHumor

Monday, May 28, 2018

Author John H Manhold Reviews Texas Fiction Collection

In a review of The Acorn Stories, author John H. Manhold says, "The author demonstrates a healthy understanding of human nature."

Read the full review at Manhold's blog.

John H. Manhold has studied and written text books in multiple fields. The World War II and Korea veteran is also a novelist, sculptor, and safety instructor, among other skills that readers can learn about at his blog.

Gay SciFi at Digital Book Girl Blog

The Digital Book Girl blog includes book details, giveaways, authors of the month, and more.

Taldra: Science Fiction Adventures: Gay SciFi at Digital Book Girl.

Featured SciFi and Fantasy at Digital Book Girl

Feautured LGBTQ Books at Digital Book Girl.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Featured Blog: @SciFiFrontiers Brings Together #SciFi/#Fantasy/#Horror Fans

Sci Fi Frontiers, an Axiom's Edge Sci Fi Production out of San Antonio, identifies itself as “a Collaborative Site for Lovers of Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Horror.” It delivers the fantastic from a variety of sources. Other features include the Save My Show Poll, an email list, and a Twitter account.

Numerous contributors have posted entries so far, and the site includes details on how more collaborators can join. A few recent topics: Timeless, Avengers: Infinity War, Robert Louis Stevenson, Star Wars Resistance, Bad Samaritan, The Man from Atlantis, StarGate, and Dark Matter.

Read about Sons of Taldra at Sci Fi Frontiers.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Tome Tender Book Blog’s #BookReview of #Texas comedy/drama The Acorn Stories and More. @DiiBylo

Tome Tender is a book blog that features “Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Covers and Other Book Related Thoughts!” New reviews appear frequently, listed under the author’s name and promoted on DiiBylo’s twitter account. Information about book review requests also appears on the blog.

An excerpt from the review of The Acorn Stories follows.

“Welcome to Acorn, Texas, a small town probably like ANY town, but instead of driving past it, Duane Simolke is going to let us in on what goes on behind closed doors. It may take a village to raise a child, but that same village could also drive the poor kid crazy!”

Please also see Tome Tender’s review of Taldra: Science Fiction Adventures.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Featured #BookBlog: LEONARD TILLERMAN: Author, Book Blogger, Book Reviewer @mywritersnook

Leonard Tillerman, a member of The Indie View, writes in Toronto, Ontario. His blog entries includes some of the writing tips Leonard has gathered from his fellow authors and his own writing experiences. He chooses books to review after the writer joins his mailing list and requests a review. Since he buys the books himself and doesn't take any payment from the author, the reader can expect an unbiased review.

I realize that many reviewers can only supply a paragraph or two and that longer reviews tend to include spoilers. However, his review of my book The Acorn Stories goes into a lot of depth about the characters, structure, themes, and more, all without giving away any surprises. I've noticed the same about his other reviews. Readers looking for a good read or writers hoping for exposure should visit

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