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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Selected Poems

Selected Poems.

“Thoughtful and moving poetry.” –Leona L Lee, author of Taxing Tallula.

“The poems are rich in content and delicate in substance.” –Grady Harp, author of Eros & Adonis: The Male Figure in Art History.

This short eBook includes the gay love poem Home, the strange story of The Gardener, and the comical Angels and Razors, as well as thirty other poems. Just 99 cents in the US!

Complete list of poems in this book: Chasing Seagulls, Home, Album, Children in the Streets, The Gardener, Friday Afternoon Spectrum, Reception, second year, Angels and Razors, Separated, Faces, Songs In Sign Language, Forgotten, Higher Education, Family, Ex-Gay? Part I: Cocoon, Ex-Gay? Part II: The Ex-Me Movement, Ex-Gay? Part III: Who Does God Hate?, The Escape Artist, Daughter, The Same Lips, Pharisee, Anne Bradstreet, Bareback, Cycle, Cross, Two Rapes, Rainbow, Elephant on an Opera Stage, Detour, Editing, Process, Haiku.

These works also appear in my longer anthology Holding Me Together: Essays and Poems.

Keywords: Gay pride, Gay romance, Gay men, Gay poem, Gay poems, Gay poetry, Gay poets, Gay writers, Love poems, Story poems, Humor, Homophobia, Exgay, Ex-gay, Diversity, Poetry, American poets, Lubbock poets, Texas poets.

Available from (for Nook) , Smashwords (for multiple eBook platforms), and Amazon (for Kindle).

Blog entry updated 9/6/23.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fight Cancer, the book trailer for The Acorn Gathering, has received over a thousand viewings at YouTube.

Preview The Acorn Gathering at Smashwords. This anthology takes readers across several landscapes, during times of trouble, change, hope, and triumph.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Acorn Gathering
By Writers Uniting Against Cancer

From a scandal-rocked town in West Texas to the Blackfeet Indian reservation in Montana, these short stories take readers to surprising places in America and the human heart!

Join the fight against cancer by purchasing this fund-raiser by authors Jan Chandler, Huda Orfali, Timothy Morris Taylor, Shawna R. Van Arum, and Bill Wetzel. I wrote four of the stories, edited the collection, and arranged for my publisher to donate all royalties to the American Cancer Society.

“I highly recommend you go, buy copies for yourself and your loved ones, and enjoy reading this well-written book.” —W. Brian Moore, for QBliss.Net

“These are all very talented writers, and I'm glad they got together to have a compilation of their stories in one book.” —Book Review CafĂ©

“If you're looking for characters that fit the mold of traditional, you won't find them here. The book is like a warm, pleasing quilt made up of disparate, yet cohesive patches represented by characters of various ethnic backgrounds; among them, African and Native Americans, Hispanic and Anglo Americans and with a few Texans sewn in.” —L. L. Lee, author of The Sisters: Found in San Antonio


Part One: Acorn, Texas
Finding Acorns In Winter. By Duane Simolke.
The Seedling. By Jan Chandler.
Fat Diary. By Duane Simolke.
Again. By Duane Simolke.
Lynching. By Huda Orfali.
Part Two: Beyond Acorn
Nachos Are Green And Ducks Appear To Be Blue At Town Pump In Cut Bank, Montana. By Bill Wetzel.
As I Lay Dying. By Huda Orfali.
The Flamenco Painter. By Shawna R. Van Arum (formerly Shawna Chandler).
The 23rd Of August. By Timothy Morris Taylor.
A Morning By the River. By Bill Wetzel.
Dancing With the Angels. By Huda Orfali.
Gun. By Jan Chandler.
Part Three: Still Beginning
The Last Few And the First Few. By Duane Simolke.
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