Wednesday, April 13, 2022

#QueerSciFi Pride: An Updated List of Taldra Links.

@duanesimolke In Taldra, a #FirstNation family protects the human home world. #BookTok #sciencefictiondoublefeature #ScienceFiction #SciFi #Native #NativeAmerican ♬ original sound - BookTok and SciFi Geek 🌈

Taldra: Two Science Fiction Adventures at Barnes & Noble (print and eBook).

Taldra: Two Science Fiction Adventures at Amazon (print and eBook).

Taldra: Two Science Fiction Adventures at Smashwords.

Feed My Reads Interview with Taldra.

Taldra Discussion in Two Gay Geeks Webcast.

Instagram Book Promotion: Taldra.

Instagram @caty.books: Taldra.

BookPromotions BookTok: Taldra.

BookTok: My Taldra Video.

BookTok: My Meet Taldra Video.

“Creative and unique.” —R.L. Wood. Read this SciFi Book Review.

“I hope to see more by this author.” —Emily. Read this SciFi Book Review.

“Edge-of-your-seat action, scenes that detail the turmoil and terror of an alien attack and an inside look at love and acceptance for humanity’s differences.” —Tome Tender. Read this SciFi Book Review.

“A highly-imaginative sci-fi adventure. Simolke’s alternate universe hits all the right notes between the fantastic and the believable. There is a dizzying and impressive array of ideas that permeate this novel. Taldra is a great sci-fi read, especially for those who enjoy history and religion mixed in with technology. This is one story where all three blend seamlessly into one.” Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★ Read this SciFi Book Review.

Set in an alternate reality, the Taldra novels focus on gays, people of color, and powerful women. Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure flings an Iroquois family into a battle across time and space.

Winner, StoneWall Society Pride in the Arts Award.

“A thought provoking and fun sci-fi read.” —Blogger Girls

In Sons of Taldra: A Science Fiction Adventure, alien shapeshifters and dark secrets threaten humanity.

“The most intriguing aspect of the story is controlled by emotion as relatable characters grow and brave it all together, selflessly helping each other.” —Enas Reviews

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