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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Part 9 of story about online bullying and gay love.

 In this short story, gay Latino couple Gavin Hernandez and Peter Montoya want to make a better world for gays and the physically challenged. Now at WattPad: Now That We're Grown Part 9.

Gavin Hernandez and Peter Montoya meet before high school. Gavin admires how Peter never complains about being gay or using a wheelchair. During their senior year, Gavin takes profile pictures of Peter in that chair, but the gesture of good will leads to online bullying and a painful final stretch of school. Best friends slowly drift apart.

After college, they reunite in Dallas as more than friends. Gavin now designs facilities for people with physical challenges. Peter looks for a job to match his business administration degree. The past might destroy their relationship, or their love might change their lives. 


Monday, November 09, 2020

#3 in #GaySciFi

Sons of Taldra: A Science Fiction Adventure is currently #3 in Gayscifi Stories at WattPad. Read the first two chapters there.

Capt. Laaron lost the man he loved, but then he met Argen, one of #Taldra's twin gay sons.

Part 8 of Now That We're Grown: A Gay Romance Short Story is also now at WattPad.

Sunday, November 08, 2020

Gay in Lubbock, Texas? (Entry updated 11/18/20) In August of 1997, I started the online newsletter Rainbow: Lubbock (originally as Hub Triangle). It filled a void for gay Lubbock information on the Web. Much more capable Web page designers later filled that void, so I stopped writing R:L in July of 2007. Please turn to the following pages for finding or promoting information of specific interest to Lubbock LGBTs. If you notice mistakes, omissions, or outdated material, please contact the sites with those problems and/or the people who would have submitted that material. Keeping community-based Web sites up-to-date demands a lot of work and a lot of community input. Dallas Voice Equality Texas Lubbock PRIDE Metropolitan Community Church-Lubbock Facebook Page OUTwest Lubbock PFLAG-Lubbock This Week In Texas (twit) For more resources, please click on the labels that appear just after this entry. Share buttons also appear there.

Friday, November 06, 2020

Part 7 of MM Romance

A gay teen endures bullying over pictures his friend took of him in his wheelchair. After college, the two reunite and face the past. #MMromance #GayRomance #GayDisabled

Read Part 7 at WattPad.


Now That We're Grown Soundtrack.

Monday, November 02, 2020

Part 6 of Gay Romance at WattPad


The revised Now That We're Grown Part 6 is now up at WattPad!

Gay disability romance. 

In this story, a gay teen endures bullying over pictures his friend took of him in his wheelchair. After college, the two reunite and face the past. #MMromance #GayRomance #GayDisabled