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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Thom Allison Hints at Pree Suprises During the Final Season of Killjoys

After Thom Allison retweeted a message that we'll soon get a season premiere date for the science fiction series Killjoys, I tweeted "More Pree, please." Thom retweeted me with an interesting reply: "Our fans are going to get a Pree they didn’t see coming!!!!" Thom plays a complex character. Like many of the cast members, Pree has changed a lot over the years. We first meet him as a bartender: tough, gay, and hilarious. We later learn he's a warrior with an enigmatic past.

I'll post the season five premiere date when I see one. Killjoys runs on Space and SyFy. Also look for it on DVD or Netflix.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

People Using Those Leviticus Passages and Other Bible Verses to Bash Gays


Writing A Novel: Cutting, Keeping

I created Captain Laaron and his ship The Equestar for my #SciFi novel Degranon but cut them because they didn’t fit the storylines. They played an integral part in the sequel Sons of Taldra, about thirty years later. Glad I kept them. #Creativity #DiverseReads #WritingLife #Gay