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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Book review: Notes on the "Radical" View of Aging by Curtis W. Irion, Ph.D.

While explaining and confronting the dangers of free radicals to our cells, Dr. Curtis W. Irion reveals how a better diet can make us more healthy and make us age more slowly. He also reveals surprising information about many plants-from garlic to tobacco-and their interactions with both the Earth and the human body. Most importantly, he accomplishes his study in simple language that almost any reader can understand and apply. My only complaint would be the extreme length of his paragraphs; especially for nonfiction and complex subjects, I think most readers prefer short paragraphs. Aside from that, this book should appeal to any people who want to improve and extend their lives.

Since many of his diet suggestions might not appeal to some people, Irion also offers alternatives. He makes sure that anyone can find ways to live longer and with less diseases, through simple changes in diet.

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