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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

KC & the Sunshine Band: 25th Anniversary Edition

CD review: 25th Anniversary Edition, by KC & the Sunshine Band

This two-CD set includes many songs that I hadn't heard in years. I've enjoyed hearing them again. As a teenager, I loved KCSB, even after their popularity faded. I eventually quit listening for a while, but now I don't know why. This is fun music, and I still hope to one day see KCSB in concert.

Like one of the other reviewers, I am especially grateful for the inclusion of "I Betcha Didn't Know That." The lyrics to that song go way beyond the usual party songs we expect, and they help produce a ballad that's as beautiful as the more popular "Please Don't Go." In fact, I mostly like this collection for the less popular songs, as the mega-hits appear on literally dozens of other CD's.

I still hope The Painter comes out on CD. That album went mostly unnoticed, and I've never seen any of its songs on CD. However, it's KCSB's most diverse album and definitely worthy of a second chance.