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Monday, April 14, 2003

Some Cancer-Related Blogs.

Want to learn more about dealing with cancer? Here are some cancer-related blogs that might help with your research, or just provide some comfort.

Breast Cancer Blogs at JeffSidens.Com. Jeff provides blog entries of his wife’s struggle with breast cancer, and another blog with annotated breast cancer links.

Breast Cancer Blog. “Blogging research and updates to breast cancer issues.” Constantly updated with links to new stories, found by Research Buzz, “Obsessed with search engines, databases, and various info-piles since 1998.”’s Breast Cancer Blog. Much like the above. The overall site also covers many other research topics (including HIV/AIDS) as well as sports, entertainment, etc.

Colon Cancer Survivors Blog. “Colon Cancer Survivors journal, for colorectal patients.” Practical advice, within a blog journal format.

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