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Monday, June 04, 2007

Meet The Founder Of A Group That Promotes LGBT Artists

I’ve always appreciated Len Rogers of StoneWall Society for Pride in the Arts, Rainbow World Radio, and all the other great work he does to promote LGBT music, books, film, art, and spoken word. However, I never knew about how SWS came to be, until I read Jed Ryan’s interview with Len.

LEN ROGERS WANTS YOU! Take the Pledge, to Support the Arts, to Vote, and More!

It’s a long interview, but inspiring, and a great example of how much difference one person can make. Len not only gives of his own time and creativity but also provides a platform for reviewers like Mountman (his best friend) to help promote gay artists.

Gay.Com honored Len as one of six local heroes; Len and SWS also received 2007 WVAS Terry Awards.

My StoneWall Society Wing

Len and StoneWall Society at MySpace