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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


TheCinemaSource.Com has posted an interview with Sean Penn about his title role in Milk. Penn discusses how he approached the part of murdered civil rights leader Harvey Milk, and how life might be different for gays if Milk had survived.


New pictures from X-Men Origins: Wolverine appear at ComingSoon.Net, and a picture of Taylor Kitsch as the character Gambit appears at TheCinemaSource.Com. The movie’s trailer will debut with prints of The Day the Earth Stood Still, 12/12/08.

Battlestar Galactica.

As I mentioned before, SciFi Wire has revealed the almost kiss between Battlestar Galactica’s male characters Gaeta and Hoshi. The word "almost" counters past rumors, but I wonder if SciFi Channel intentionally leaked those kissing rumors, for increased publicity. If so, it certainly worked, and the article I just linked to still leaves the possibility open. Regardless, making a recurring character gay is a big step for the hit franchise, and it looks like that trend will continue in the spinoff series Caprica. (Updated is an actual kiss).