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Monday, April 13, 2009

Amazon Censors GLBT Book Rankings

I don’t understand why Amazon.Com banned my book Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure (ISBN 0595317138) as part of its supposed ban of erotic books from its sales rankings. Degranon has no sex, and no profanity. But the classification of "gay" apparently makes it adult. There's nothing adult or erotic about it. Some of the major characters happen to be gay. Surely Amazon has a policy against homophobia and other discrimination, but they're singling out books with gay themes or characters for special discrimination. My novel confronts some controversial issues, such as discrimination and censorship, appropriately. However, it does so without including adult content.

And Amazon hasn’t apparently removed all heterocentric books that contain sex. The purge seems to limit itself to gay books, even if they contain no sex. Why target gays?

I thought Degranon vanished from the sales rankings because of a glitch, but I learned about this situation over the weekend.