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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sherwood Anderson News.

The Roanoke Times: Sherwood Anderson Short Story Winners.

BookBroads: Sherwood Anderson Book Prize Winner. The Sherwood Anderson Foundation honors Lucy Jane Bledsoe.

1001 Short Stories You Must Read Before You Die: Hands.

Mark Whalan references my book Stein, Gender, Isolation and Industrialism: New Readings of Winesburg, Ohio in his book Race, manhood, and modernism in America: the short story cycles of Sherwood Anderson and Jean Toomer. A description of his book follows.

  • Race, Manhood, and Modernism in America offers the first extended comparison between American writers Sherwood Anderson (1876--1941) and Jean Toomer (1894--1967), examining their engagement with the ideas of "Young American" writers and critics such as Van Wyck Brooks, Paul Rosenfeld, and Waldo Frank. This distinctively modernist school was developing unique visions of how race, gender, and region would be transformed as America entered an age of mass consumerism. Focusing on Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio (1919) and Toomer's Cane (1923), Race, Manhood, and Modernism in America brings Anderson and Toomer together in a way that allows for a thorough historical and social contextualization that is often missing from assessments of these two literary talents and of modernism as a whole.