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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SciFi/Fantasy 2011, Part 3.

Stomping on Yeti: 2011 Debuts: Science Fiction

Stomping on Yeti: 2011 Debuts: Fantasy and Steampunk

Fantasy & SciFi Lovin' News & Reviews: Most Anticipated Books of 2011

I’ve just finished the second draft of Worried: A Science Fiction Adventure, the sequel to Degranon. I will probably spend most of the year revising it, but hope to see in print in 2012, if not sooner.

Readers and writers, please visit the Goodreads discussion New Science Fiction and Fantasy Books in 2011. Which new scifi or fantasy books are you looking forward to in 2011? If you're an sf/f author, do you have any stories or novels coming out this year? Join the discussion to share.

Also from Goodreads, Indie Books - 2011 Releases in Paranormal Fiction and Science Fiction for 2011.