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Monday, August 05, 2013

Sons of Taldra, the First Three Chapters

The people of Valchondria face danger from one of their protectors and from an alien race of shapeshifters.

This novel takes place in the present, in an alternate dimension. Valchondria (Earth) had advanced to space travel but then banned it and stopped advancing. Degranon was a Valchondrian colony, and part of the reason for the ban.

Sons of Taldra is a stand-alone sequel to my published novel Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure. Watch for the first nine chapters to slowly appear online, leading up to the June 2014 release of the complete eBook.

Spoiler alert! The chapters after Chapter 1 reveal plot details from Degranon.

Most of the characters are people of color, and several of them are gay. However, I’m writing this novel for anyone who enjoys science fiction or fantasy. Native American storytelling inspired my depictions of the shapeshifters.

Sons of Taldra, Chapter 1 Draft

Sons of Taldra, Chapter 2 Draft

Sons of Taldra, Chapter 3 Draft

Keywords: gay scifi, sci-fi, science fiction, adventure, gay marriage, Degranon, Duane Simolke, Native American, First Nation, African American, black, Arabic, Indian, Hispanic, people of color, strong women, female leaders, space travel, health care, shapeshifters, aliens, teen heroes, new adult, diversity, social issues, alternate reality