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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gay Marriage Proposal in SciFi Adventure

Jase-Dawn cocked his head.

Telius quickly added, “Still listening.”

“He needed to take his mind off the seizures. Remember those machines at Argen’s party, the tonal androids that light up and play songs for children?”

“I loved those!” Telius tapped his boyfriend’s right knee. “Whatever happened to them?”

“The SSC just donated them to our schools. We’re adding music programs back to the curricula!”

“That’s great! I can’t believe they were ever cut.”

“We can thank your mother and the SSC for getting them restored. But can we talk about something else?”

“Like what?”

“Like us.” Jase pointed at Telius and himself. “Over the past year, I’ve thought constantly about the day I’ll gain Valchondrian citizenship, and no longer be considered a Degran spy. Now that day is almost here.”

“Yes. You wrote it on the holo-calendar…with sparkle font.” Telius winked, his nose still trying to pull him to the kitchen. But he wondered if Jase-Dawn was about to ask a question that involved one of the benefits of finally becoming Valchondrian.

“Telius, will you become married with me?”

“I knew it!” Telius exclaimed, wide eyed.

Jase-Dawn scrunched his nose. “That was actually a yes or no question.”

“And you already knew the answer! Of course I’ll become married with you! How many people find the perfect spouse, the person they always want to be with?”

Jase-Dawn’s fists clenched in glee as Telius leaned over to kiss him.

Excerpt from Sons of Taldra, Chapter 3.