Sunday, January 15, 2023

Tweetables: The Acorn Stories Review and Interview

The book blog Tweetables now features a book review and author interview about my book The Acorn Stories. That collection of short stories celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023.

“I swung from sad to happy, angry to laughing out loud” –from the review at Tweetables.

Jane writes the Tweetables blog, Twitter account, and Facebook page. The Tweetables “About” page includes the following background.

“The #writing community on twitter has opened my eyes to new writers too. There are so many talented people, but how do these wonderful authors get their message out? I find myself wanting to help and I'm hoping to find other people like me, who want to learn about new titles whilst meeting the brilliant authors who penned them.”

Please visit the Tweetables blog to read Jane’s review and interview about The Acorn Stories. Please also read some of the other entries there and visit again to read more.