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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

StoneWall Society ( has helped a great deal with promoting my writing and the work of many other lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender artists. You can see what I mean by visiting my StoneWall Society wing.

Now, SWS needs help from LGBTs everywhere with an important project. I’m forwarding this press release about that project. Please help and/or forward this release to others who can help.

Be proud!

Duane Simolke

March 3, 2003
Contact: Len Rogers
StoneWall Society
(225) 927-6424

Alternabid and StoneWall Society announce March Online Auction to
benefit “THIS WAY OUT”, the only internationally distributed GLBT public radio program.

Uniquely the only internationally distributed GLBT radio program,
“THIS WAY OUT” (, is in danger of leaving the air.

With the decline of available funding due to the economy and events
including and since 9-11-01 many non-profit groups are finding it difficult to survive. “THIS WAY OUT” is no exception. Both Alternabid and StoneWall Society feel this is a GLBT resource that must be supported and maintained.

“One of the reasons for Alternabid to be in existence is to
provide support to the GLBT community. “THIS WAY OUT” is a valuable
resource. We must take action to safeguard the security of our community's visibility and resources. Alternabid is waiving all fees so that 100 percent of all funds will go directly to “THIS WAY OUT”, stated Alternabid founder and owner Ronnie Rodriguez.

StoneWall Society will provide auction promotion/marketing,
overall coordination and maintenance of items donated, locate and request items for auction, as well as seek additional financial support for “THIS WAY OUT”.

“The GLBT community is in a visibility and service decline crisis. GLBT Centers as an example have closed in major metropolitan areas due to lack of funding. Resources are disappearing at an alarming rate. It is our responsibility as a community to safeguard our culture and resources. We cannot afford to be lax and wait for someone to pick up this issue. It is time for the community itself to take charge,” stated StoneWall Society's Len Rogers.

The auction will be held exclusively on Alternabid, ( and will start by the 21st of March. According to Rogers, “Items for the auction are still being sought. So if you are looking to do a little spring cleaning put the item to good use and donate to benefit “THIS WAY OUT”. Your donation not only helps safeguard a major GLBT resource but it is tax deductible as well.” You can get detailed information or arrange your donation by contacting Items pledged to date include: author
signed editions of GLBT literature, art by GLBT artists, CD's by GLBT
artists, Internet services, and collectibles. All donors who wish will
be listed on the StoneWall Society website section dealing with the
auction. Links to donor's websites will be included.

On the air since April 1988, "This Way Out" is the multi-award-winning internationally distributed weekly gay and lesbian radio
newsmagazine produced by Overnight Productions, Inc. a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. “THIS WAY OUT” currently airs on over 135 community radio stations around the world, who receive it via satellite in the U.S. on the Public Radio Satellite System and Pacifica's KU band, in Australia via the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia's ComRadSat, across Europe on World Radio Network's WRN1, worldwide via the A-INFOS Internet Project at, and on audiocassette tape from the producers. Listeners can also hear "This Way Out" online by clicking on the PlanetOut link at, on short wave via Costa Rica-based global station RFPI (Radio For Peace International) and on audiocassette by individual subscription.

For more information contact Len at StoneWall Society, ( (225) 927-6424.