Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This week, DVD’s, Green Arrow, and More Genre TV.


Fans of Edge of Seventeen might enjoy The Curiosity of Chance. It uses a safe formula of teen angst plus eighties music but still manages to entertain. Sassy drag queens help too. Tad Hilgenbrinck (American Pie Presents: Band Camp, Lost Boys: The Tribe) charms as Chance. Brett Chukerman of Eating Out 2 also stars in this fun coming out film.

Speaking of Lost Boys: The Tribe, that film and Stargate Continuum both arrived on DVD today. Another direct-to-DVD sequel, Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, arrives August 5. I look forward to seeing all three movies—especially Stargate Continuum—and look forward to hearing what other viewers think of them. I can guess now that I’ll love Stargate, but I hope the other two might turn into pleasant surprises.


SciFi Wire has reported an update to rumors about a possible Green Arrow movie: Warner Aiming At Super Max? Meanwhile, on the CW, Justin Hartley will return as Green Arrow in season eight of Smallville. See the fan site JustinHartely.Net for more about the actor’s upcoming appearances.


The Sword of Truth TV series will begin in November with a two-hour pilot; the series already underwent a name change from Wizard’s First Rule (the name of the first novel in Terry Goodkind’s fantasy series) to Legend of the Seeker.

Eureka returns to the SciFi Channel tonight, and the episode will feature a sneak peak at the new Amanda Tapping/Robin Dunne series Sanctuary. SciFi ordered a full season of Eureka this time. However, as with Battlestar Galactica, much of the season won’t air until early 2009. Friday on SciFi, watch for the 90-minute season finale of Doctor Who, followed by a new episode of Stargate Atlantis.