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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

This week, scifi TV, YouTube, Kindle, and Star Trek.


Stargate Atlantis begins its fifth season this Friday on SciFi, after Doctor Who. Atlantis ended its fourth season with much of the cast apparently dead. Actually, Amanda Tapping really left as a series regular, because of her role on the upcoming series Sanctuary. But the cliffhanger last season should lead into another exciting season of Atlantis! Hopefully, the rampant cast changes (past, present, and apparently future) won’t hinder the series.

Of course, cast changes also plague Doctor Who. Rose is back but not really in our universe; Jack and Martha keep stopping by then leaving; the Doctor now has a daughter but thinks she’s dead (but he no longer thinks Jack is dead); and it sounds like Donna (Catherine Tate) might soon meet her doom. Somehow, though, the show still remains engaging.

Doctor Who fans might enjoy Catherine Tate’s zany role in the new British import Love and Other Disasters. Brittany Murphy, Matthew Rhys (the gay brother of Brothers and Sisters), and Santiago Carbrera (the prophetic painter of Heroes) also appear in that enjoyable, gay-friendly comedy.

Speaking of Brits, the British scifi series Primeval premieres Saturday, August 9, on BBC America. The show, which I mentioned here before, involves tears in the fabric of time, bringing humans into the past and dinosaurs into the present. I’m still looking forward to seeing it.

Eureka begins its third season on July 29. Cast members say to look for a return to the lighter tone of the first season.


My video Gay Pride has now surpassed 3000 views at YouTube. Gay Love Poem is currently at 5,762 views.

My Kindle e-books Degranon: A Gay-Themed Science Fiction Adventure and The Acorn Stories both reached the top five in Kindle Gay Fiction this week.


The interactive attraction Star Trek: The Experience will close after September 1. Interactive rides, a museum, a store, Quark’s Bar and Restaurant, and the occasional wedding attracted Trekkies and Trekkers to the Las Vegas Hilton for the past eleven years. Oh well, there’s still that new Star Trek movie coming up.