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Friday, May 13, 2022

New SciFi Artwork: General Sydra, Woman Warrior

General Sydra, one of the Maintainers in Sons of Taldra. I won this free commission from O. P. Holden’s Project Octavian group by signing up for their weekly mailing list. Other scifi writers who want to do the same should sign up right away.

From O. P. Holden: “We’re putting together an anthology of short stories with a team of talented artists, writers, and editors, and currently open to submissions. We’re also looking for potential beta-readers interested in grading and critiquing short stories before they’re released for publication.” Read more details at Manga Raiders.

Picture description: A Black woman in her late thirties, with a weapon over one hand. She wears the gray and black uniform of a Maintainer in Sons of Taldra: A Science Fiction Adventure.

In Sons of Taldra, the Maintainers are the judges, juries, police, and military of the human home world. Some of them are violent, corrupt, or power-hungry, but Sydra only wants to help and protect people.

Please read the Sons of Taldra review at Doctor Who Online and please follow O. P. Holden on Twitter.