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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gay/Lesbian/Bi Links (including literature).

Amarillo Pink Link. The gayest address in the Texas panhandle.

Becki Jayne Harrelson. Fine Art Exploring Religious Mythology & Contemporary Social Issues.

Dann Hazel. Gay author and traveler.

DefineNormal. Gay clothing. Networking, blogs, videos, and more, for gay fans of scifi, fantasy, and horror.

Echo Magazine. Serving the LGBT community of Arizona.

Eureka Pride. Who would have thought that the little city in the hills of Northwest Arkansas would be the pride of diversity?

First Partnership Page. The Pioneers Of Gay Marriage.

Gay-Villager Community Listings. Connecting the community with free gay-friendly advertising.

Gay & Lesbian Reading Group. Scifi/fantasy and general.

GBookEbook—Gay eBooks. Our website is designed to help gay writers (Gbook) convert their writing into eBook format, and then assist them in marketing their work.

Gay South Africa. South African by birth, gay by nature, proud by choice.

Green Mountain Jaimie. Truth is seldom humble; it is bold, fierce, often unappetizing--and makes itself known.

Guardian Pictures. Featuring information about the films of acclaimed gay director Jeff London.

Independent Gay Forum. Dissatisfied with the current level of discussion of gay-related issues.

Janice Chandler’s Home Page. Science Fiction/Fantasy, Erotica, and more.

John Younger. Classics, LGB, Etc.

Mark Kendrick. Author of Desert Sons, Into This World We’re Thrown, and Stealing Some Time.

Mountman.Com. Book reviews, graphics, gay resources, etc.

PFLAG Texas State Council. Texas news, resources, and more from Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.

Rainbow Reviews. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender book reviews. A gayer look at literature.

RainbowSauce. International One-Stop Resource for LGBT Media.

Ronald L. Donaghe: Best-Selling Gay Novelist. Includes Independent Gay Newsletter E-Zine.

StoneWall Society. Promoting LGBT arts and causes.

This Week in Texas. Keeping gay Texans informed.

W. Brian Moore. Columnist/activist shares about HIV, cancer, family, travel, and other topics.

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